Nearly Thirty Years Manufacturing Reliable and Innovative Mining Equipment
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Coal Sampling System


Personnel Carriers:                                                                            



 - Uni-Sampler



Permissible Electric:

Non-Permissible Electric:

Personnel Carriers




- Super Steer


- Wasp



  • Feature Super Steer:

  • 4 X 4 Drive & Steer

  • Air bag suspension

  • 4 types of engines offered

  • Maneuvers easily

  • Choose from  8-17man SUPER STEER or 2-4 man WASP

  • MSHA Permissible

  • Explosion Proof

  • 10 HP with 72V DC

  • Drum, Disc, or Wet Disc brakes

  • Airbag suspension available

  • Choose from 2-3 man STINGER- a top seller...or...

  • 7-12 Man YELLOW JACKET

  • 8 Different Vehicle Types

  • Range from 2-man to 12-man

  • 3 Wheel or 4 Wheel

  • 36V, 48V, and 72V available

  • Spring or Air Bags Suspension

  • Will modify to any customers' specifications


- Stinger


- Yellow Jacket






- Super Car




- 48V SXSC


- Super Trac


Company Profile:                                                                               


- Mean Green


Johnson Industries has been manufacturing dependable, reliable, and innovative equipment for the mining industry since 1981. A combined 85 years of actual mining experience allows us to understand the needs of the coal mine operator. This knowledge has been an integral part of the development of a full line of underground personnel carriers, a patented coal auger sampling system and other products capable of meeting any need.

Our underground personnel carriers range in size from small, quick, 2-man electric vehicles up through powerful 17-man diesel machines. Johnson Industries' Uni-Sampler is a coal auger sampling system that has gained a worldwide reputation. Two of the largest coal sampling lab companies in the world became loyal customers of this simple, less expensive, yet super fast sampling system.

Our equipment is in operation across the United States, Mexico, China, India, South Africa and Ukraine. Johnson Industries is an innovative company that is constantly growing and expanding into new areas.

We have a full-time parts department with daily UPS shipments and a special same-day delivery service. We also have a full-time service department that will assist your mechanic by phone, in our shop, or by scheduled field service.

We look forward to working with our many customers in bringing the best equipment to the best coal producers! Visit us or give us a call today and let our experience and knowledge help you!

If you want to learn more about the history of Johnson Industries, please visit our About Us page.


- Hornet


- Super Truck


Other Products


- Slimm-Jim Laser


- Rock Duster


- Tail Piece


- Wagon




- Detecto-Probe

Contact Information  

Johnson Industries, Inc.

101 Pine Fork

Pikeville, KY 41501

Tel: 606-639-2029 

Fax: 606-639-0259


The exclusive representative of Johnson Industries, Inc. in the Territory of Europe & countries of CIS is:

CCI Europe Ltd.

Contact Person: 

Victor Zhuravlov

Suite 12, 2nd Floor Queen's House

180 Tottenham Court Road

London W1 T7PD

Phone:  +44 20 79 07 14 60

Fax:  +44 20 79 07 14 63

Mobile:  +380 50 328 87 85





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