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AC Utility Truck Airport Ground Support Vehicles

AC Utility Truck Airport Ground Support Vehicles

Our compact, tough airport ground support vehicles can be used in any industry. The Johnson Industries burden carrier vehicle trucks can be modified or redesigned to meet most any customer demand. The AC Utility Truck airport ground support vehicles is built for sustained runtime and pulling power. 

With features like 550 amp AC controller, 7” rear drum brakes, and a 2,500 pound payload capacity, the AC Utility Truck airport ground support vehicle is a great benefit in a variety of industries. Johnson Industries’ AC Utility Truck is a great supply and personnel carrier, airport ground support vehicle, and can be used around the world in mining, airports, factories, warehouses, construction, hospitals, or municipalities.

Featuring a 25 amp programmable charger, panic switch, and a sealed 500 amp solenoid, the AC Utility Truck airport ground support vehicle from Johnson Industries is a great solution for your industry’s personnel and supply carrier needs.



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Vehicle Specifications

  • 2,500 pound Payload Capacity
  • Front axle rated at 3,500 pounds
  • 25 Amp Programmable Charger
  • Continuous 9HP Three Phase AC Motor
  • High torque Differential rated at 2,200 pounds
  • 7" Rear Drum Brakes
  • 550 Amp AC Controller
  • Sealed 500 Amp Solenoid
  • Truck Style Steering
  • LED Lights
  • Panic Switch
  • Adjustable Speed (per customer specification)
  • Back-up Beeper
  • Horn
  • Tail/Brake/Back-up Lights
  • LCD Display for Monitoring
    • Speed
    • RPM
    • Direction
    • State of Charge
  • Safety Features
    • Can be programmed so the vehicle will not change direction unless completely stopped
    • Dynamic braking
    • Keypad to unlock system
    • Multiple Speed Modes
    • Seat Belts

Performance and Size

  • Payload: 2,500lbs
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000lbs
  • Bed size: 48" wide x 94" long
  • Maximum Speed: 25mph

Optional Additions or Replacements

  • Rear Wet Brakes
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Dump Bed
  • Rails/Sides for the Bed
  • Cab with Windshield
  • Pulse Pedal
  • Also Available in 36V DC and 48V DC



Construction Companies
Mining Industries
Salt Mining
Coal Mining
Molybdenum Mining
Zinc Mining
Potash Mining
Gold Mining
Rock Mining
Golf Courses
Amusement Parks

Johnson Industries provides a range of custom designed and built vehicles and equipment to meet the needs of many different industries. From industrial duty cars, to sampling systems, Johnson Industries is the authority on industrial equipment and vehicles. Johnson Industries started out serving the coal mining industry and now serves the utility, municipality, communication, airport, factory, industrial, construction, & recreation industries.


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