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DC Rail Runner Electric Mining Vehicles

DC Rail Runner Electric Mining Vehicle

The Rail Runner is a battery powered rail vehicle used for transporting miners, other personnel, or supplies (not in the operator's compartment.) The Rail Runner is currently built for 42 inch and 48 inch gauge track, but can be built for any reasonable gauge. Dependent on customer need, the Rail Runner can be built to accommodate 2 to 10 people.

With features like steel wheels, 48VDC battery pack, and 3000 lb floating axles, the Rail Runner is a great benefit in a variety of industries. Johnson Industries’ Rain Runner is a great supply and personnel carrier and is or can be used around the world in salt mines, coal mines, molybdenum mines, zinc mines, potash mines, gold mines, rock mines.

Featuring a 7.2 HP motor, panic switch, and semi-elliptic springs, the Rail Runner from Johnson Industries is a great solution for your industry’s personnel carrier needs.


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Vehicle Specifications

  • Built for 42 or 48 gauge track
  • (2) 3000 lb full-floating axles, each with a 7.2 hp motor
  • Three brakes standard, two hydraulic discs and one fail-safe
  • The (4) steel wheels use a standard 5 on 4 1/2" pattern for easy replacement if needed
  • 48VDC (eight 6v batteries with charger)
  • Suspension is by (4) semi-elliptic springs
  • Standard capacity is four persons
  • Panic Switch
  • Battery Monitor
  • Can be built for 2 to 10 men

Standard Dimensions (5-man)

  • Width: 60"
  • Overall Length: 135"


  • Canopy
  • Extra Seating
  • Strobe Light
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Rescuer Storage Box
  • Wheel Sanders



Mining Industries
Salt Mining
Coal Mining
Molybdenum Mining
Zinc Mining
Potash Mining
Gold Mining
Rock Mining

Johnson Industries provides a range of custom designed and built vehicles and equipment to meet the needs of many different industries. From industrial duty cars, to sampling systems, Johnson Industries is the authority on industrial equipment and vehicles. Johnson Industries started out serving the coal mining industry and now serves the utility, municipality, communication, airport, factory, industrial, construction, & recreation industries.


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